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  • Gepolsterte Hängesessel
    Gepolsterte Hängestühle aus El Salvador !!
  • Hängesessel von Denana
    Hängesessel aus Brasilien von Denana !!
  • Hängematte Copa La Siesta
    Unterstützen Sie brasilianische Straßenkinder
    COPA – Unser Tribut an Brasilien und den Fußball
    Hängematte COPA!
    5 Euro Spende pro verkaufter COPA für Straßenkinder!!
  • Hängematten von La Siesta - hochwertige Qualität - langlebig
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  • Hängematten aus Brasilien von Denana
    Hängematten aus Brasilien von Denana !!
  • Hängematten aus Brasilien von Denana
    Hängematten aus Brasilien von Denana !!
  • Sonderangebote
    Hängematten & Hängesessel!

Your Hammocks and Hammock Chairs - Special Shop

We are the specialists for hammocks and hanging chairs with over 30,000 satisfied customers already ***

  • Hammocks Overview

    Hammocks Overview

  • All Hammocks

    All Hammocks

  • Hammocks without spread bar

    Hammocks without spread bar

  • Hammocks with spread bar

    Hammocks with spread bar

  • Rope Hammocks

    Rope Hammocks

  • Travel Hammocks

    Travel Hammocks

  • Weatherproof Hammocks

    Weatherproof Hammocks

  • Child Hammocks

    Child Hammocks

  • Baby Hammocks

    Baby Hammocks

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    Net Hammocks

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    Organic Hammocks

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    Fair Trade Hammocks

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    Luxury Hammocks

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    Quilted Hammocks

  • North American Hammocks

    North American Hammocks

  • Hammocks from Brazil

    Hammocks from Brazil

  • Hammocks from Colombia

    Hammocks from Colombia

  • Hammocks from Mexico

    Hammocks from Mexico


You will find one of the largest ranges of hammocks and hammock chairs in Germany. Your comfort is our business. Since 2001, our goal is to offer only quality products. All models offered with us, must meet our high quality standards set ourselves. All the time we have about 600 different products in stock in order to supply you immediately can. Orders up to 12 clock will be shipped mostly the same day to you.

  • Hanging Chair Overview

    Hanging Chair Overview

  • All available hammock chair

    All available hammock chair

  • Padded Hanging Chairs

    Padded Hanging Chairs

  • Hammock chair colorful

    Hammock chair colorful

  • Hammock chair natural

    Hammock chair natural

  • Lounger


  • Children Hanging chair

    Children Hanging chair

  • Joki hanging cave

    Joki hanging cave

  • Suspended swings

    Suspended swings

  • Luxury Hammock Chairs

    Luxury Hammock Chairs

  • Weatherproof Hammock Chair

    Weatherproof Hammock Chair

  • Organic Hammock Chair

    Organic Hammock Chair

  • Sky Chair

    Sky Chair

  • BBrazilian Hammock Chair

    Brazilian Hammock Chair

  • Colombian Hammock Chair

    Colombian Hammock Chair


  • Hammock Stand

    Hammock Stand

  • Hammock Chair Stand

    Hammock Chair Stand

  • Hammocks with Stand Set

    Hammocks with Stand Set

  • Special Offers

    Special Offers

  • Suspension for hammocks

    Suspension for hammocks

  • Suspension for hanging chair

    Suspension for hanging chair

  • Pillows


Treat yourself to the luxury of hammock!

Imagine a wide sandy beach with palm trees against the sun goes down on a warm summer evening. The waves murmur and a gentle breeze hovers around you. The pleasant smell of salty sea air can be felt and you lie in your hammock and relax. When the sand beach is too far away, the following scene: You are on a warm, sunny afternoon cuddling with your partner in the garden in your new hammock and talk. They laugh together or read a book or watch their children playing on. Common cuddling in a hammock is a romantic way to spend time together, to recover from the stress of everyday life or to enjoy a balmy evening. Also on the trip a hammock can be indispensable. If you rock in a warm summer night gently in your travel hammock, listening to the sound of crickets, admire the starry sky and werden- then cradled gently to sleep what could be better. What we want to say this: There is almost nothing better than to rock gently in a hammock and relax.

For over 12 years, since 2001, we are a specialized retailer of hammocks, hammock chairs, hammock chairs children hammocks and accessories online. As a specialist in our field, we have all the well-known German manufacturer of hammocks. Among other things, you can choose between suppliers such as La Siesta, Amazonas, Jobek, Lola, Tucano and Traumschwinger. We also offer Fairtrade hammocks of Bahia from Austria, hammocks of Tysco and Jorritsma from Holland and original Ticket to the Moon Travel hammock from Bali. Brand new in the range are very luxurious quality bar hammocks Hatteras Hammock Pawleys Iceland and Hammocks from the United States - a unique feature of us in Germany. We have grown with the Internet. As one of the largest providers of hammocks and hammock chairs in Germany, where everyone feels well cared for and advise. Extensive info pages on what to look for when buying, make the buying experience with us to experience and contribute significantly to our continued success as a niche player. You can see customer reviews, which we look forward every time very much because it confirms us in our efforts to serve you as quickly and comfortably as possible, this is also due to the positive feedback from Trusted Shops. We place great emphasis on quality and offer a very wide selection of quality products to.


New Arrivals! Beautiful Padded Hammock Chair from El Salvador


New Arrivals! Beautiful hanging chairs from Brazil


New Arrivals! Hammocks to fall from Brazil


Here you will find a selection of our current special offers


Joki hanging cave - which pleases every child


Luxury Hammock - give relaxation


Traumschwinger - Beautiful suspended swings made from organic cotton